Gail Ross (Gail of Gaia)

Gail Ross (Gail of Gaia)

Gail is the host of the show FREE RANGE with GAIL of GAIA. FREE RANGE is on Odysee, YouTube, BitChute, BrandNewTube and UGETube with the channel name of gailofgaia since the advent of censorship. Recently a website was added called https://www.gailofgaia.com. Gail produces the program using varied skills acquired through a lifetime of experience and education. Although retired from her career, her varied background in nutrition, naturopathic education, publishing, public speaking and broadcasting serves her well in the production of an exciting and thought-provoking media gem. She is the Founder, Producer and Researcher for this relatively new area of media production of which she volunteers for. She has a varied background in nutrition including counseling, teaching, publishing, nutrition assessments, public speaking and now broadcasting. She has been published in journals and news columns in the past. She participated on Speaker’s Bureaus. She frequently worked for Women Infant and Children Supplemental Feeding Programs known as WIC since maternal nutrition was the topic of her master’s thesis. She continued to learn beyond the education programs she participated in and considers herself a perpetual student. She always liked the quote by Mark Twain “I never let my schooling interfere with my education”. Gail makes every effort to have her finger on the pulse of humanity, and the planet, and seeks out guests that are most likely to add value to her listeners lives, wellness and fullness of being. She has multi-cultural experiences from Native American Reservations, a Migrant Health Program (Hispanic) and the Community Action Program (Black) that also add flavor and substance to her labor of love. She is thankful for many friends and colleagues who have generously helped her along the way with their knowledge, referrals, and kindness.

Her multi-cultural background in nutrition affords her a unique perspective in the many ways so her labor of love can be a blessing to humanity and the planet. She is also humbled by the help and support of those around her and is the first to share the spotlight, and her heartfelt gratitude, with all those she works with and serves on air and in her daily life. She has a Bachelor of Science with a minor in Biology. She has a Master’s in Food Science and Nutrition and spent nearly three post graduate years at Naturopathic Medical School. She was a first-generation college student. She comes from humble beginnings as her father now deceased was a truck driver and her mother was homemaker and is currently alone in a nursing home.


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